This Tutorial On The Essentials of Basic Machine Design

Shows You The A to Z of a "real life" engineering project through the eyes of a "pro level" Solidworks User.

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What our students say...

Before I started the essentials of basic machine design course I was struggling with projects at work and didn’t know how to work quickly. It was frustrating because I spent lots of time searching how to do simple things. The first time I went through the course I was relieved that many of the things I struggled with were covered. I’ve taken Solidworks courses before but they focused on theoretical applications, not real things. After going through the course three times I was able to complete projects for my work much quicker. I am much less stressed out about work and can take on more difficult projects.

- Piya Kusalanukhun

I only took 1 Solidworks class when I was in college and I only learned how to make basic shapes and very basic assemblies. When I started at my first engineering job, I realized that I wasn’t proficient enough to thrive in industry. My first time going through the course, I realized that this was very relevant to my job as a machine designer who creates automated equipment in a manufacturing environment. After going through the course three times, I learned a lot of things really useful for my career that extended beyond Solidworks into lean manufacturing and I have become a better designer because of it. Thanks guys!

- Juan Sanchez

Hi Cliff I just wanted to say thanks for the basic machine tutorial there is a lot of information on it so I'll be watching it for the 3rd time It made my life easier I can do individual parts no problem but to put it together and animating it was outside my league till know, I know there is no substitute for practice but with this tutorial I saved a lot of time and frustration thank you.

- Jose Caballero , SWCA

Master the processes of 3D machine design, get the engineering drawings to manufacturing on time (without worry or stress) and earn the respect of your boss and peers...

In The Essentials Of Basic Machine Design Course, You'll Discover How To...

  • Set up drawing and link drawing and part templates
  • Customize title blocks
  • Create your design intent
  • The hidden connections between lean manufacturing/dfx (that only become apparent with a deeper level of knowledge)
  • How to use sheet metal
  • How to use the toolbox (fasteners)
  • Advanced assembly
  • Exploded views
  • Selection of purchased parts
  • BOM (bill of materials)
  • Raw material choices
  • How to number assemblies

Solidworks Drawing Of The Motor Gearbox from the Essentials of Basic Machine Design Course

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