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Mechanical Engineering with SolidWorks

Upgrade your Engineering Skills with our Intermediate Machine Design Course!

Most people get into engineering as a way combine creativity with logic to build a lucrative and practical career. The problem that most of us engineers find is that a lot of additional education is required to be competitive in this field -- even after we spend years and up to $120,000 earning a formal master’s degree in mechanical engineering.


SolidWorks Zen’s mission is to provide engineers with affordable, online access to the educational courses professionals need to shine and prosper in this rapidly changing industry. We want you to feel a state of zen when you’re on the job. We do this by showing you how to use the world’s best technologies to become an engineering master and top earner.


Our Intermediate Machine Design Course teaches engineering design using the example of an excavator boom. In it, you’ll learn - on your own time and at your own pace - how to create a machine from scratch and get it ready for manufacturing, using SolidWorks as a validation and visualization tool. Simply put, this is the most valuable tutorial we’ve ever made.



Here’s what the course covers:

MODULE 1 - Creating a Dynamic Assembly Concept


Learn how to make sketches that are ready for motion analysis. Module 1 takes you through all the steps necessary to visualize and actualize the concept of your dynamic machine using SolidWorks sketches. Perform initial geometrical calculations. Make sketches that are detailed enough to translate into accurate 3D representation.  Calculate dynamic forces on the actuator and connecting joints.

Module 1 is available separately and also in conjunction with the entire Intermediate Machine Design Course.

MODULE 2 - Mastering Structural Concept


Discover how to ensure the integrity of your structural concept like a SolidWorks Zen Master using finite element analysis (FEA). In the second module, you’ll learn how to add details to your model, so that it’s sophisticated enough for accurate FEA and simple enough to keep computational requirements to a minimum. This module also demonstrates proper FEA on a real machine. This information is priceless because it will save you and your company valuable time and energy.

MODULE 3 & 4 - Crafting Industrial Design & Engineering Drawings

The third and fourth modules are combined into one epic tutorial that will teach you to further refine your structural concept to generate the most accurate part drawings possible. This monster module also shows you how to properly devise a manufacturing sequence and drawings of all the assembly processes that will take place on the factory floor. In addition, you’ll learn insider tips and tricks on all things sheet metal: such as cutting, bending, welding and machining.

We’re only offering this course for 5 days. Get it now and jumpstart your career.

All modules together add up to the most valuable tutorial we’ve ever made!


First module separately

Dynamic assembly concept

Complete course

Dynamic assembly concept
Structural concept
Industrial design
Engineering drawings

*This course will benefit you the most if your level of experience with SolidWorks engineering is intermediate.
If your level of experience is basic, check out the Essentials of Basic Machine Design