How To Use Solidworks

Wondering how to use Solidworks?  There are many ways of how to use Solidworks, but it will take some patience and persistence.  Solidworks is a very powerful tool to help engineers design in a fraction of the time.  If you have never used CAD, Solidworks can be thought of as an entire inventory system, full precision machine shop, fabrication shop and assembly shop.  Virtually anything that can be done be the guys in the shop can be simulated on Solidworks, but in a fraction of the time.  Something that takes 5 guys a week to build in the shop can be designed by 1 engineer in about a day depending upon the complexity, and every nut, bolt and hole can be accounted for by the engineer.

Learning how to use Solidworks is not as straight forward as one may wish, there is quite a steep learning curve!  It took me many months to learn how to use Solidworks and I had the advantage of getting to learn from a very skilled Solidworks engineer.  Once you get the basics down, Solidworks becomes like a virtual reality manufacturing facility that allows re-work at no cost.  The machine can practically be held in the hands of the decision makers and rotated and inspected for every fine detail.  This is a new concept to old-school draftsmen who did everything with a drawing board and pencil.  Much more time can be dedicated to design and much less time can be spent worrying about the non-design related issues related to drafting.

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