Essentials of Basic Machine Design

The Essentials of Machine Design

An actual engineering project from A to Z through the eyes of a Solidworks Zen Master

To simply make a drawing in Solidworks isn't enough. It’s important to get it ready for manufacturing. In this tutorial, you’ll get to see how a Solidworks Zen Master does it—through the example of a real machine design.

Setup for efficiency

It’s the little things in setup that make the big difference between newcomers and veterans. It might take years of practice to discover those little things. It only takes a few hours of learning with this tutorial. You’ll get to see exactly what it takes to optimally streamline the processes that take place in the machine shop.

Design for manufacturing

From choosing raw materials correctly and minimizing their use to working with sheet metal in Solidworks, you’ll learn the skills that manufacturing environments value highly. You’ll even discover connections between lean manufacturing and design-for-excellence that only become apparent on a deeper level of knowledge.

Design for assembly

To improve shop workers’ efficiency to the highest possible degree, it’s important to prepare easily interpretable drawings that make it obvious how to put the machine together and in which order. Inside, you’ll find the Solidworks Zen approach to solving this real-life task.

Tutorial agenda:

  • Automating the making of drawings
  • Linking drawing with part templates
  • Customizing title blocks
  • Creating your design intent
  • The hidden connections between lean manufacturing and design-for-excellence
  • Working with sheet metal
  • Toolbox time savers
  • Advanced assembly
  • Exploded views
  • Selection of purchased parts
  • BOM (bill of materials)
  • Raw material choices
  • Solidworks Zen assembly numbering system

Tutorial duration: 5½ hours.

Downloadable Solidworks model of the conveyor belt included.